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Joie MSC Egg-cessories

Here at Joie Shop, we know how to give kitchens all over the world a new look. Our products are fun, colorful, convenient and affordable. With our selection of kitchen gadgets, you will have an opportunity to get exactly what you need to make your cooking experiences unforgettable. Our stylish accessories are made to simplify your kitchen desires and to make you feel more comfortable and excited about the delights of entertainment dining. If you are looking for kitchen gadgets for yourself or a friend, out diverse selection of products will never bore you imagination. Joie means joy...let us help you make you kitchen a joyful place.


$4.50, #5010

"Boiley" Microwave Egg Boiler

For perfect eggs every time, use your microwave. That’s right, finally a gadget that can soft, medium, or hard-boil eggs in 3 to 5 minutes. Just place your egg inside the base, add water to the fill line, screw on the top section and place in the microwave on high! No more pans of hot water or heating up the stove in the morning. For you soft-boiled egg lovers, this is fast and easy. Also, take a hardboiled egg to work for lunch! Fun way for kids to make eggs for themselves!


$3.99, #1424

“Wedgey” Egg Slicer

Slice hard boiled eggs with ease. Lift up the top part of “Wedgey” - the slicer, insert egg and push down. You can use the sliced eggs for decorating bowls of salad or slice again to dice eggs for egg salad! Slicing area of “Wedgey” is 2-1/2” in diameter. Made of food grade plastic.


$9.50, #1339

Mini Fry Pan "Small Fry"

This cutey Mini Pan is the perfect shape and size for preparing eggs for topping a fried egg sandwich, muffin, or bagel. Decorated with an egg face.


$3.39, #7911

"Piercey" Egg Piercer

The Piercey Egg Piercer promises to keep your hard boiled egg crack-free by piercing a pin sized hole in the large end of the egg with deadly precision. Yeah, you could probably try to pierce the egg yourself, but you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the friendly face that Piercey has. Piercey will make your hard boiled egg preparation easy and friendly.


$2.19, #7912

Kitchen Scraper "Scrape-Ease"

A kitchen scraper with personality, the egg-shaped, comical Scrape-Ease pot scraper has flexible contoured feet to make pot cleaning a breeze. What's more, this handy nylon kitchen gadget can scrape a bowl's edge, cut dough into sections, and spread fillings or frostings. You'll wonder how you ever managed without the Scrape-Ease Kitchen Scraper!


$3.49, #7910

"Whiskie" Egg Whisk

Like making eggs? Then you'll love Joie's Whiskie Egg Whisk. This mini whisker guy is gentle, flexible and strong. Might we add good looking as well. It stands at 7" tall and makes whisking fun.